Leucorrhoea is foul smelling whitish or yellowish discharge from female genitals. Leucorrhoea is caused by unhygienic conditions, toxic foods, intestinal worms, thickening of mucous membrane in young women, sexually transmitted diseases, infection occurring during child birth, unhealthy eating habits and excessive mental stimulation of sex or masturbation. Constipation, headache, irritability, stomach ache, fatigue, dark patches under the eyes, tiredness, pain in calves and lumber region are some common symptoms of Leucorrhoea. However you can cure this problem simply by following some natural home remedies which are given below:

10 Best Home Remedies To Cure Leucorrhoea:

    1. Ladyfingers(bhindi)
    Ladyfingers(bhindi) are very effective in curing the problem of leucorrhoea.  A decoction of this vegetable is prepared by boiling 100 gm of the fresh vegetable, cut transversely, in half a litre of water for twenty minutes. This mixture should be strained before drinking.You can add some sugar to imrove its taste.

    2. Coriander(dhaniya) Seeds
    Soak some coriander(dhaniya) seeds in water and keep it for overnight. Next day early morning, on an empty stomach drink this water. Within one week you will get desired result.

    3. Fenugreek seeds
    Fenugreek seeds are considered best to cure leucorrhoea. Add 2-3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in one liter water and on a low flame boil this water for about half an hour. After this strain it and drink it when it becomes cool.

    4. Cranberry juice(karonda juice)
    Cranberry juice(karonda juice) is very effective for Leucorrhoea and gives relief from the symptoms of leucorrhoea.

    5. Rice Water
    Rice water is also considered good to cure the problem of leucorrhoea.While cooking rice, don’t throw the water that you used for making rice. When the rice has cooked, instead of throwing away the water add some sugar to this water and drink it. This is one of the very effective home remedies to cure leucorrhoea.You will get desired result within one week.

    6. Dry Ginger Powder
    Take 2 teaspoons of dry ginger powder and boil it in 250ml of water till the water is reduced to half. Drink this decoction for 2-3 weeks.

    7. Pomegranate leaves
    Take 30 fresh pomegranate leaves. Wash them and grind with 10 black peppercorns. Mix the paste with half a glass of water and strain it. Drink this liquid in morning and evening for three weeks.

    8. Amla and Honey
    Amla or Indian gooseberry helps a lot to cure leucorrhoea. Take about 20 grams amla juice mixed with ½ tea spoon honey for 3-4 weeks. This mixture will also prevent the future occurrence of leucorrhoa.

    9. Basil Leaves and Honey
    Mix the juice of basil leaves and honey in equal proportion and take it in the morning and evening for 2-3 weeks. This home remedy is also considered very effective to treat leucorrhoea at home.

    10. Banana to Treat Leucorrhoea
    Ripe banana are considered very effective in treatment of leucorrhoea. You should eat banana every day when you are suffering from leucorrhoea. Eat 1-2 banana with milk and honey in the morning. Eating 1-2 banana dipped in yogurt is also very effective home remedy to cure leucorrhoea at home.

    Some Precautions and Important Tips:
    • (i)Adopt a habit of good hygienic conditions and keep clean your vaginal areas.
    • (ii)Avoid all forms of white flour, white sugar, fried and greasy foods.
    • (iii)If you don't get relief by following above remedies you must consult your problem with Lady doctor.